Fun Dip Assorted Flavor Party Pack - 48 Piece Pack, 0.43 oz Packets

Bestseller #1 Dunkaroo Costumes

  • UPC: 079200324889
  • ASIN: B0007OVWKG
  • Brand: LIK-M-AID Fun Dip
  • Size: 48 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Manufacturer: LIK-M-AID Fun Dip
  • A great goodie for your party favor bags! This classic candy features a bag full of fruity candy powered and a yummy white stick to dip it in with. Each package has its own flavor such as cherry, raspberry, or apple. Perfect candy for parties, easter egg hunt, halloween trick or treat, birthdays, pinata fillers and more

    Candy Cigarettes: 24 Count

    Bestseller #2 Dunkaroo Costumes

  • ASIN: B007FXC14S
  • Brand: World Confections
  • Manufacturer: World Confections Inc
  • Here's a candy you'll never have to quit. Try this retro sugar stick candy today!

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