Old Man Costume Kit for Boys

Ola Ray Halloween Costumes

  • Model: 60654
  • Color: GrayBlue
  • Size: Standard
  • Have you decided to model your Halloween costume after grandpa? Be the life of the party and keep everyone hysterically laughing with the Child Old Man Halloween Kit. Be a decrepit old man and yell at whipper snappers all season long.This item features a grey combover wig, black bow tie and matching suspenders. Add on a cane to give the Child Old Man Halloween Kit a funny limp. Available at

    Old Tyme Baseball Player Adult Halloween Costume, Size: Men's - One Size

    Ola Ray Halloween Costumes

  • Model: GC7169
  • Color: White
  • Size: One Size
  • The Old Tyme Baseball Player Halloween Costume offers a complete, comfortable and fun costume option for a variety of Halloween events. It features an authentic old tyme style crafted from a soft but durable poly-cotton blend. This baseball player costume comes complete with a shirt, pants, a belt and a cap (bat, shoes and socks are not

    Girls Old Lady Halloween Costume Kit

    Ola Ray Halloween Costumes

  • Model: 60653
  • Color: Gray
  • Size: Standard - One Size
  • Make everyone laugh out loud with our Child Old Lady Halloween Kit. Don't you remember Grandma and her big, wet kisses on your cheek who always nagged about everything? Stand up straight! Don't play with your food! This hysterical kit features a grey wig with pink curlers, blue floral shawl and flower clip. Remember to bring your funny with the Child Old Lady Halloween Kit and keep them laughing all night season long. Available at

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