Ravensburger Science X CSI Crime Scene Investigation Activity Kit

Bestseller #1 Police Detective Kit

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  • Brand: Ravensburger
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  • Manufacturer: Ravensburger
  • Professional investigations and crime scene analysis made easy! With tips from German forensic biologist Dr. Mark Benecke, these exciting activities will turn you into a skilled detective! Learn how to use scientific methods to examine clues and become a forensic expert yourself! Let your kid discover the world - with Science X® from Ravensburger! Analyze fingerprints! Isolate DNA! Become a Forensic Expert! Investigators in training can dive into the world of crime scene investigation with this science kit for kids ages 8 and up. 12 activities, explained in a detailed instruction manual with extensive background information from forensic expert Dr. Mark Benecke, explain how to approach and analyze crime scenes and teach interesting facts and terminology out of the daily life of investigation teams. Learn how to split hair, how to analyze tire tracks, finger prints and drop shapes. Take impressions of a footprint and preserve it for review. Make a copy of a key with the help of dough and even learn how to isolate DNA! In real life, many different people work as a team on a single case, each being responsible for examining a different aspect of the scene. Science X® CSI helps ... [Read More]

    Forum Novelties Crime Scene Set

    Bestseller #2 Police Detective Kit

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  • Brand: Forum Novelties
  • Size: Standard
  • Manufacturer: Forum Novelties
  • Crime Scene Set 100 feet of Crime-Scene Tape 5 Bright Yellow Evidence Markers Glow-in-The-Dark Body Outline Chalk. With more than 8, 000 items, including a variety of costume choices for every age, ranging from baby costumes to adult and plus-sizes, trust Forum Novelties for all of your Halloween, luau, Christmas, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's day supplies. From funny to frightening, Forum has it all!

    Kids Police Costume for Role Play 14 Pcs Police Toys with Police Badge, Kids Handcuffs, Shield, Vest, Flashing Light, Whistle, Police Baton - Police Officer Halloween Costume for Boys and Girls

    Bestseller #3 Police Detective Kit

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  • Brand: The M World
  • Manufacturer: The M World LLC
  • Your child will love this police play set. Pretend play can reduce anxiety and stress, helping children regulate their emotions. 14 Pieces of Police Toy Accessories included:1 x Police Shield1 x Handcuff1 x Knife1 x Vest1 x Flashlight(battery included)1 x Whistle1 x Walkie Talkie1 x Police Badge1 x Baton1 x Name Card including Neck Strap String1 x Watch1 x Plastic Toy Grenade1 x Binocular1 x Protective MaskStill thinking why you should buy this Kids Police Role Play Costume Dress Up Set? ✔ Enhances the Ability to Plan and Organize✔ Encourages Imaginative Play ✔ Kids Love It!✔ Best Value for Money✔ Meets CPSC Standards✔ 24/7 Customer Service.

    Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade Tape 3 X 100 • Bright Yellow with a Bold Black Print for High Visibility • 3 in. Wide for Maximum Readability • Tear Resistant Design

    Bestseller #4 Police Detective Kit

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  • Brand: Tapix
  • Manufacturer: Tapix
  • Bright Yellow with a bold Black Print for High Visibility 3 in. Wide and 100 ft. Long Tear Resistant Design Weatherproof Material Tapix™ Crime Scene Do Not Cross ?Cross Barricade Tape is made with durable, resilient, tear-proof plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon. It is 3 inches wide and 1000 feet long. Tapix™ Crime Scene Do Not Cross Tapes provide a visual barricade to block off designated areas. Allows for quick and easy way to warn people of hazards or dangerous situations. Construction tapes usually employ a yellow-black color combination and incorporate a printed text of the word "CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS" across. Tapix Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!

    Detective Science: 40 Crime-Solving, Case-Breaking, Crook-Catching Activities for Kids

    Bestseller #5 Police Detective Kit

  • ASIN: 0471119806
  • ISBN: 0471119806
  • Brand: Wiley
  • Manufacturer: Wiley
  • Children/Science Become a super science sleuth with . . . Detective Science 40 Crime-Solving, Case-Breaking, Crook-Catching Activitiesfor Kids Search for evidence, gather clues, and discover how science canhelp solve a mystery. From dusting for fingerprints to analyzinghandwriting, these easy, fun-filled activities give you a firsthandlook at how detectives and forensic scientists use science to solvereal-life crimes. Make a plaster cast of a shoe. Identify lip prints left on aglass. Examine hair and clothing fibers. Practice chemistry toidentify mystery substances, and much more. In no time at all, you'll be thinking like a detective andperforming experiments like a real forensic scientist!

    Detective Special Investigator Notebook; Fun Play Journal For Boys & Girls: A blank lined notebook for kids play, games and fun

    Bestseller #6 Police Detective Kit

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  • ISBN: 1730863647
  • Manufacturer: Independently published
  • The Detective Special Investigator Notebook, Fun Play Journal For Boys & Girls: A simple, quality ruled 110 page notebook for kids with imagination who like to play dress-up or dream of being a Detective Special Investigator, Secret agent or even a spy! Present them with their very own unique themed notebook. The perfect costume accessory or fun gift for Christmas, birthdays and all occasions!Encourage your kids to write!Journals and notebooks are a great way to encourage young children to develop the habit of writing and explore their creative side with good old pen, pencil and paper. Many young children are failing to develop the required muscular dexterity and control for effective writing due to too much screen-time on responsive devices and tablets. Themed notebooks that inspire their passions and interests are a wonderful way to encourage them to start writing, journalling, doodling, drawing. Help them have some quiet creative time, be more focused, less distracted and take a break from apps, games and tech devices fighting for their attention.Use this notebook for fun games, as a costume accessory at birthday parties, halloween, school plays, dress-up events and throughout ... [Read More]

    12 Pcs Police Costume for kids with Toy Role Play Kit with police badge, handcuffs,kids flashlight for Cop Costume, great for HALLOWEEN costume, FBI,Detective,Swat, and Kids Dress-up clothes

    Bestseller #7 Police Detective Kit

  • UPC: 714343985596
  • Brand: Born Toys
  • Manufacturer: Booksandelectronics87LLC
  • Who doesn't want to be a policeman when they grow up? I know that I did! But who wants to clean up after they play or even worse step on a small piece in the middle of the night, OUCH! Tired of buying police costumes and still need to buy more accessories with it? Do you feel like you keep on wasting money on cheap accessories that seem to get lost or broken before they even had a chance to be played with? Born Toysoffers kid tested and parent approved high quality toys with easy cleanup design to guarantee years of play and encourage good cleanup habits from a young age. Born Toys stands behind their Products 100%. Their no regret purchase policy means that all you need to do is checkout and they guarantee that you won't regret it or your money back! These Deluxe costume and role play sets are going fast at this price. Give your child the enjoyment and yourself the relief of a long lasting easy cleaning costume and role play set today.

    Police Role Play Kit - 14 Piece - Cop Toy Set - Gun Badge Handcuffs Binoculars - Policeman Accessories Swat Team - Detective Gear For Dress Up and Kids Costumes - Officer Bag for Halloween Included

    Bestseller #8 Police Detective Kit

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  • ASIN: B07217GCDT
  • Manufacturer: IPIDIPI TOYS
  • Police Role Play Kit By Funky Toys It's a little boy or girl's dream come true with this quality police officer role play kit from Funky Toys! Replete with sunglasses, handcuffs, key, play gun and binoculars, it makes the perfect costume accessories kit for any detective costume or police costume for kids. And that's not all. The generous 15-piece police toy gun set comes with Walkie Talkie, whistle, wristwatch, knife, compass, I.D. card, police badge, police certificate and baton, to boot! Made of sturdy plastic, this outstanding policeman toy role play kit affords untold hours of imaginative play. The FREE BONUS police handbag gear bag is the icing on the cake, enhancing play and providing quick clean-up and convenient storage in between play sessions. Present as a gift for birthday, holiday, or just because, and you will have won a child's heart forever!

    Police Role Playing Toy Kits, SWAT Detective Spy FBI Cops and Robber Game Gear Including Badges, Guns, Batons, Handcuffs, 25 Pieces

    Bestseller #9 Police Detective Kit

  • ASIN: B07V6HZ48K
  • Brand: Bananmelon
  • Manufacturer: Bananmelon
  • The 25-piece suit includes:Toy pistol, bullet, dagger, baton, binoculars, handcuffs with keys, watches, grenades, walkie-talkies, whistle, certificate, compass, flashlight, riot shield, flashlightRecommended age: 3 to 7 years old.Company concept:It fully considered the way children communicate with toys, full of innovation keep toys close to living situations, maximize the value of games and effectively promote the healthy development of children's body and mind.Make young children moving in a more optimistic and positive direction.So we believe it can integrate into children's life well.An awesome police role-playing set:Children are fascinated by police-themed things.This little suit can make children's birthdays magical.It's like magic and will bring a lot of fun for your children.

    Police Role Play Kit; (14 Pc Set)

    Bestseller #10 Police Detective Kit

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  • Brand: Kangaroo
  • Size: 14 Pc Set
  • Manufacturer: Kangaroo Manufacturing
  • Police policeman toys police scanner police badge police sunglasses police watch police siren police detective

    Police Detective Guns And Double Shoulder Holster Fake Weapon Toy Costume Kit

    Police Detective Kit

  • Category: Other Costume Accessories
  • Price: 18 USD
  • Police Detective Kit Costume Kit Adult Halloween

    Police Detective Kit

  • Category: Wigs & Facial Hair
  • Price: 6 USD
  • Instant Police Detective Costume Kit

    Police Detective Kit

  • Category: Other Costume Accessories
  • Price: 12 USD

    Police Detective Kit

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  • Size: One Size
  • Just like the famous TV detectives. Kit includes sunglasses, a mustache, a badge with holder, and handcuffs to hang over your belt. Add your own pants and shirt with tie for a great look. Just the accessory you need for Halloween, parties, plays, and other fun holiday productions and festivities.Due to seasonal volume, please review shipping/delivery date options

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