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  • Scrooge was designed as a follow-up to 1968's Oliver, the Oscar-winning musicalization of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. The umpteenth musical version of Dickens' 1843 novelette A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is blessed with several sprightly Leslie Bricusse songs, including the bonafide hit Thank You Very Much. Once more buried under mounds of latex, Albert Finney is perfection itself as Ebeneezer Scrooge, proving as effective as a young (un-made up) man as the old skinflint we've grown to love. The Three Ghosts who turn the miserly Scrooge's life around on Christmas Eve are portrayed by Edith Evans (Past), Kenneth More (Present) and Paddy Stone (Yet to Come). Our favorite among the huge, predominantly British supporting cast is Sir Alec Guinness as a fussy, slightly effeminate Marley's Ghost. Best of all, Finney performs his many songs "live" and not lip-synched to a pre-recording. Though it is overproduced to the hilt, and its Technicolor photography tends to induce eyestrain, Scrooge is more than satisfactory Yuletide entertainment.

    Friendly Ghost Child Halloween Costume

    Poverty Ghost Costumes

  • Model: FW9705SM
  • Color: WhiteAs Shown
  • Size: S (4-6)
  • Let your son or daughter dress up this Halloween in the Friendly Ghost Child Costume. Your child will love being scaring everyone. This friendly ghost costume features a classic one-piece white sheet with a friendly face and multi-colored patch designs. It is made from a polyester material and the fabric is hand washable. This child Halloween costume can also be used for school plays, character reenactments, parties, parades, family occasions and other holidays and festivities. It is specially designed for children. Kids will have fun in this spooky Friendly Ghost Child

    Gossamer Ghost Child Halloween Costume

    Poverty Ghost Costumes

  • Model: FW5884SM
  • Color: White
  • Size: S (4-6)
  • It's time for a child to float through the day or night in this gorgeous Gossamer Ghost Costume. The comfortable polyester outfit is as close as it gets to spooky transparency. It's extremely easy to put on and to wear for extended periods. Featuring a long white robe with roomy folds and a hooded cape to inspire mystery, this ghost child costume is non-restricting and allows full movement. White gloves mimic ghostly hands and a long white wig completes the illusion of a colorless spirit. A child can hold both arms out and appear to glide across the room or

    Ghost Child Costume

    Poverty Ghost Costumes

  • Model: 11-90018-S
  • Color: As ShownOther
  • Size: S
  • Now your child can scare everyone with this Ghost Child Costume! The costume includes a full white hooded robe with jagged ends and long sleeves. A white mask with eye-holes completes the costume. This scary costume is sure to create an eerie air at any

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