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Bestseller #1 Reverend Kane Costumes

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  • Brand: KADIYA
  • Manufacturer: KADIYA
  • High Quality Anime Show Halloween Party Women's Men's Christmas Cosplay Costume Wigs

    WWE Kane Men's Costume

    Reverend Kane Costumes

  • Color: Red
  • Size: XL
  • The Demon has returned. There is no respite from him. He’s 7 feet of pure wrestling wonder. He’s over 300 pounds of carnage and no one wants to be standing face to face with him in the ring. He’s none other than WWE’s Kane and he’s ready to Chokeslam any opponent into submission. Think you got what it takes to wear the mask, tackle the heaviest of wrestlers and steal the show?That’s right. You can become Kane. You’ve probably spent many days just daydreaming about using a Clawhold upon your foes as they beg for mercy. You’ve probably imagined dropkicking

    WWE Kane Plus Size Mens Costume

    Reverend Kane Costumes

  • Color: Red
  • Size: 2X
  • You ready for a big time epic WWE throw down? Yup, we figured you would be. It's not ever day we find a 7 footer who can execute a perfect chokeslam!Okay, you might not measure up to WWE legend Kane exactly, but that's no reason not to choose this plus size Kane costume. Cause if you're anywhere close to being a big fella, we're sure you'll be a pretty decent version of him. Nah, not just decent, you'll be good enough for the ring. Because this costume is the real deal!We teamed up with the WWE to create this look

    Archer Lana Kane Women's Costume

    Reverend Kane Costumes

  • Color: White
  • Size: XS
  • This is an exclusive Archer Lana Kane Womens Costume.

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