The Tudor Tailor: Reconstructing Sixteenth-Century Dress

Bestseller #1 Tudor Costumes History

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  • A valuable sourcebook for costume designers, dressmakers and those involved in historical reenactments, this book contains all the information you need to create authentic clothes from the Tudor period. Computer-generated, historically accurate patterns enable you to make a wide range of garments, such as doublets, hose, bodices, skirts, hats and headdresses -- even underwear. There are also plenty of ideas for decoration and embellishment such as ruffs, cuffs, collars, embroidery and other surface decoration. The full range of Tudor society is represented, including lower- and middle-class clothing as well as the more sumptuous costumes from the courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. There is also information on how to store and look after your finished clothing. In addition to the patterns, there are detailed drawings of each costume and information about historical context, including original paintings and source material.

    Historic Costumes and How to Make Them (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

    Bestseller #2 Tudor Costumes History

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  • This practical and informative guidebook is a "must-have" for anyone planning to create accurate period costumes for theatrical productions and historical reenactments. From short tunics worn by Saxon men in the fifth century to a lady's bustle dress of the late 1800s, this profusely illustrated text contains a wealth of authentic patterns. Information on pattern sizes, materials required, and methods of sewing accompany simply drawn diagrams for Elizabethan doublets, capes, and trunks; a man's coat and vest from the Restoration period; a lady's bell-shaped gown of the eighteenth century; an early-nineteenth-century empire gown; a crinoline; and other wardrobe items.Diagrams have been carefully and accurately drawn to scale from working patterns, and detailed notes for making costumes include suggestions for the most suitable colors and textures to be used for costumes of particular historical periods. A final section includes diagrams and information for creating period headdresses, caps, and hoods. Students of costume design, home tailors, and community drama groups will welcome this carefully researched guide to fifteen centuries of English fashions.

    The Tudor Child: Clothing and Culture 1485 to 1625

    Bestseller #3 Tudor Costumes History

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  • 210 color illustrations, 126 detailed illustrations, 53 patterns. The book is illustrated with sumptuous reproductions of paintings from museum collections, specially commissioned photographs of reconstructed, and detailed drawings and diagrams showing styles appropriate to different ranks and eras from 1485 to 1625.

    Anne Boleyn (Ugly Betty) 16" Pearl Choker Necklace - Authentic Replica

    Bestseller #4 Tudor Costumes History

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  • Replica necklace of a necklace made for Henry VIII's lover Anne Boleyn. I has a Large B initial pendant seen in her many portraits. Faux pearls. 16 inches long

    Tudor Fashion

    Bestseller #5 Tudor Costumes History

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  • The captivating story of Tudor dress, its construction and symbolism, and the people who made and wore it The Tudor monarchs and their courtiers are some of the best-known figures in history. They continue, even today, to spark our curiosity and imagination. Their enduring popularity is no doubt partly due to the iconic portraits in which they are depicted in magnificent style, in farthingales and ruffs, furs and jewels, codpieces and cloaks, and vast expanses of velvet and silk. Far from being mere decoration, fashion was pivotal in the communication of status and power.  It was used as a tool in securing and holding the tenuous Tudor throne and as a competitive weapon in the factions, intrigues and love-affairs of the court.   This book presents new information about the fashions of the Tudor dynasty, offering fresh insight into their social and political milieu. Histories of Kings and Queens complement stories of unsung dressmakers, laundresses, and officials charged with maintaining and transporting the immense Tudor wardrobes from palace to palace. Evidence from rare surviving garments and textiles, original documents, fine and decorative art, and archaeological findings enh... [Read More]

    Tudors: The Complete Series

    Bestseller #6 Tudor Costumes History

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  • Relive all the drama and opulence again and again with The Tudors: The Complete Series. This 14-disc set includes all four groundbreaking seasons of the critically acclaimed, award-winning drama from Showtime. The Tudors stands out as one of the most daring and visually beautiful shows ever to grace the small screen. Experience the tumultuous saga of young King Henry VIII, featuring Golden Globe® winner Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, and witness the king’s near-40-year omnipotent and bloody reign, infamous marriages, and controversial decisions that led to the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church in 16th Century England.

    Elizabethan Costume Design and Construction (The Focal Press Costume Topics Series)

    Bestseller #7 Tudor Costumes History

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  • Manufacturer: Routledge
  • Learn how to create historically accurate costumes for Elizabethan period productions with Elizabethan Costume Design and Construction! Extensive coverage of a variety of costumes for both men and women of all social classes will allow you to be prepared for any costuming need, and step-by-step instructions will ensure you have the know-how to design and construct your garments. Get inspired by stunning, hand-drawn renderings of costumes used in real life productions like Mary Stuart as you’re led through the design process. Detailed instructions will allow you to bring your designs to life and create a meticulously constructed costume.

    The Tudors: Music From The Showtime Original Series

    Bestseller #8 Tudor Costumes History

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  • 2007 release, the colorful score by composer Trevor Morris, which received an Emmy Award for its striking theme. The Tudors is the epic new Showtime Original Series that reveals the scandalous untold story of Henry VIII, the beloved tyrant whose reign was marked by treachery, betrayal and intrigue. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Henry VIII as never seen before. The cast also features Sam Neill as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Jeremy Northam as Sir Thomas More, Gabrielle Anwar as Princess Margaret, Callum Blue as Knivert, Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon, Henry Czerny as Norfolk, Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Queen Katherine, Nick Dunning as Boleyn, and James Frain as Thomas Cromwell.

    The Medieval Tailor's Assistant, 2nd Edition: Common Garments 1100-1480

    Bestseller #9 Tudor Costumes History

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  • The Medieval Tailor s Assistant is the standard work for both amateurs and professionals wishing to re-create the clothing of Medieval England for historical interpretation or drama. This new edition extends its range with details of fitting different figures and many more patterns for main garments and accessories from 1100 to 1480. It includes simple instructions for plain garments, as well as more complex patterns and adaptations for experienced sewers. Advice on planning outfits and materials to use Range of projects and alternative designs, from undergarments to outer wear Covers early and later tailoring methods within the period Clear line drawings, pattern diagrams and layouts Over eighty full-colour photographs that show the garments as working outfits

    Childrens Red Tudor Princess Costume Girls Historical Queen Dress - Medium

    Bestseller #10 Tudor Costumes History

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  • Kids red Tudor princess costume: go back in time to the Tudor period with this Royal historical dress. A popular curriculum subject, your child will look the part in this Tudor princess dress for any school play or history project.

    Elizabeth McClellan HISTORY OF AMERICAN COSTUME 1607-1870 Tudor 1942

    Tudor Costumes History

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  • Elisabeth McClellan HISTORY OF AMERICAN COSTUME Tudor c.1969 HC/DJ

    Tudor Costumes History

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  • Elizabeth McClellan HISTORY OF AMERICAN COSTUME 1607-1870 Tudor 1937

    Tudor Costumes History

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  • Early Tudor 1485-1558 - Costume of the Western World

    Tudor Costumes History


    Early Tudor 1485-1558 - Costume of the Western World

    The Magic Wand

    Tudor Costumes History


    The Magic Wand

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    A Tudor Costume

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