VIAHART Perla The Pig | 11 Inch Stuffed Animal Plush Piglet | by Tiger Tale Toys

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  • UPC: 760625606765
  • Brand: VIAHART
  • Size: Anti-Stress427
  • Manufacturer: VIAHART
  • Product DescriptionPerla is a female pig also known as a sow and can be found on every continent. She is a descendant of the wild boar and is omnivorous, meaning she eats both meat and vegetation. Pigs don't have sweat glands and roll around in the mud to help control their body temperature. They are incredibly intelligent creatures and resemble dogs and humans more than they do other farm animals.Return PolicyAt VIAHART, customer satisfaction is highly important to us, so please review the below policy for the condition that is applicable you. Returns must be filed within 30 days of receiving the item.If your item arrived later than the expected delivery date, we will pay for the return shipping, as well as issue a full refund + 10% off your next order.If your product has a defect, send us a clear picture to 9O4-414-4094 or in an email and we will refund you 100% of your order without a return.If you want to return the item, we will provide free return shipping and a full refund once the item arrives at our warehouse and is in good condition.Shipping and FulfillmentThis product ships from an Amazon warehouse.About the ManufacturerVIAHART was founded in 2010 with a big idea and a s... [Read More]

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